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The Situation

Let’s talk directly about what’s wrong in the Economy . The exact problem we face is pretty straightforward, not all of the people in the United States are truly paying their fair share. This in turn hurts the middle class who is left to make up the difference. The problem with this idea? The middle class doesn’t have the capital to make up that difference, so, where do they contribute the more than their fair share? The social programs put in place to provide for basic care and continuation of the Middle class and those worse off than them. Medicare, Social Security, Education, and more are all targets of budget cuts aimed at continuing this unfair scenario. So, what exactly can we do to change this situation?

First we need to create a level playing field for all US Citizens and not just the minority at the top. Additionally we need to start investing in the Middle Class, protecting them from unfair disadvantages, and insuring their continuation and more than that, advancing their prosperity. And we need to insure these kinds of situations aren’t so easy to create again later.

How do we make the playing field fair? We remove the Bush Era Tax breaks. Reign in the capital gains loopholes. Introduce a 0.005% micro tax on Wall Street Trades. These three starting measures alone would go a long way in balancing the budget and insuring that everyone is paying their fair share. These measures would begin to turn around the budget deficit, stimulate the economy, and start paying off the debts that have wrongfully and unfairly been placed on the backs of the middle class. These measures would begin to make things more fair. But only begin, we mustn’t stop here, but progressively overhaul the budget, look into our healthcare crisis and call for reforms where reform is needed (look into greater bargaining options for medicare and more). We must go into this with the attitude that we can do this, but more, we must do this. No more unfair advantages for the top 2%.

The next thing we absolutely must do is start investing in the middle class. It’s a simple fact, when the middle class prospers, America prospers along with it. Here’s how we do this: We make the various programs that protect the middle class non negotiable. We start investing in our students, lowering student loan interest rates, offering greater debt forgiveness options, and reforming education policies where we need to. We must be willing to think outside the box, and explore all of our options for the advancement of education. And last, we need to invest in our workers. We need to raise minimum wage, protect their ability to form unions and collectively bargain, and insure workplace equality and fairness with no discriminatory practices allowed. Pay should be based off of work done and performance, not gender, race, religion, orientation or any other factor.

After all of this, we need to focus on protecting our future from this kind of situation happening again, and the only way to do that is to get to the true source of the problem and tackle it there. Simply put, we need to create a separation of wealth and government, and enforce it fully. Here’s how I propose we begin to do this: Overturn and fight Citizen’s United. Create term limits in congress similar to the term limit place on the President. And advance bills that will further protect against big money investors from buying their own personal politicians. We need transparency of the goings on at Washington D.C. and we need to know we can trust those we send there. These measures would begin to turn things around and put a serious check and balance on our government from its true source of power and authority, the people of the United States themselves. These measures would go a long way to make sure that law makers are answering first to U.S. citizens and not some outside source with large sums of money.

The simple truth is this, it won’t be an easy fight to have. The bills and measures I propose here, as well as the actions I am calling for, they’ll each come up against some level of controversy and opposition. But as I have said often, no matter the size of the challenger, or the size of the fight, I won’t back down. Our future, our economy, our jobs, and our worker’s rights and prosperity depends on it. Sometimes what we need isn’t all that complex to figure out, it’s the doing that muddies up the water, but the common sense approach to it is this, we need to make sure all parts of our society are working together, paying their fair share, and doing their part. We need to insure that the roles of our government are not reversed and are not changed so as to serve the smallest portion at the top, but is instead always independent and free to serve the needs of all the citizens equally and fairly. The role of the United States Government is to serve its people, to protect them and their interests and to insure the continuity of our Democracy and the people it was created first for.


Economics: A General Overview of Where I stand and an Introduction

The problems we face are many. Every situation that our country faces and every problem that exists for us, it all boils down to one staggering and overwhelming demand: our nation needs an economic boost and it needs job growth. We cannot wait for the possibility of jobs to come find us, or happen by chance. We cannot build the amount of jobs we need, as fast as we need, in the same and tired ways we have always went about it. A new era demands a new approach and a new mindset. The fact is we need to think outside of the box. Our economic, and financial independence depend upon our ability to think larger, to think deeper and to think more boldly about the problems and situations we face.

We must face our every challenge with creative flexibility, open minds, and boldness. The simple fact is that we need more revenue generated now. There isn’t a single person reading this that can argue with me on this fact. Our country is strong, and capable, and our future is promising, but the cruel reality is, in order to sustain our growth and to go beyond it, we must meet our challenges with multiple streams of job growth and revenue. We must meet our challenges knowing where we stand and what we value. We must meet our challenges knowing what is and is not negotiable. The fact is this, it is non negotiable for us to consider sacrificing the needs of the working class, the elderly, and our nation’s children. It is non negotiable to risk and jeopardize the very livelihood and retirement, as well as the health and well being of our citizens. What should be negotiable however is the unfair advantages for the top 2 percent. The advantages must stop now. We must as one nation, step up and say that all citizens no matter their social ranking, no matter how fat their wallet, and no matter how big their bank account, all citizens must pay their fair share.

The wealthiest people in our society and the very profits they have reached would not exist if it were not for the American consumers as well as The United States of America. The top 1% and 2% owe their very livelihood and existence to the American People and Government. We at the bottom 98% pay our taxes, they at the top 2% should pay theirs, and at a fair share.

The way to our economic recovery, continuity, and advancement exists in a progressive economic policy created by Senator Bernie Sanders. It echoes this exact mentality that I have proposed here today, that all citizens should pay their fair share and that all citizens have the civic duty and responsibility to do no less than that. I support Senator Sanders’s Progressive Economic proposal and stand behind it. I believe it is a good measure and I believe it is a right measure. The Policy is not making an unfair demand, nor is it naming any part of our society as an enemy, it is merely stating that no part of our society should be excluded from their responsibilities to pay in and contribute to the needs of keeping that society functioning and progressing forward. This measure is simply asking the top 2 percent to do what the federal government has asked of the bottom 98 percent all along, and that is to pay their fair share.

So what exactly is in this Economic proposal? Senator Sanders proposes “10 ways to raise revenue reduce spending and create jobs,” (From the Proposal).

1) Stop corporations from using offshore tax havens to avoid U.S. Taxes.
2) Establish a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street speculators.
3) End tax breaks and subsidies for big energy companies.
4) Establish a progressive estate tax.
5) Tax capital gains and dividends the same as work.
6) Repeal all the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax breaks for the top 2 percent.
7) Eliminate the cap on taxable income that goes into the social security trust fund.
8) Establish a currency manipulation fee on China and other countries.
9) Reduce unnecessary and wasteful spending at the Pentagon.
10) Require Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry.

I believe that the plan Senator Sanders has put together is solid, and works in the right direction for the changes I am happy to stand for and stand behind. I would add to his plan the proposition that we tax Wall Street for all trades done there, in such a way similar to sales taxes paid for by the average citizen. I would not suggest that this tax be any higher than 1% and in fact would recommend less, as did Senator Sanders when he proposed his Robin Hood Tax in his proposal. This one extra measure by itself could generate billions of dollars annually in revenue.

With these kinds of revenue generating bills being advanced and made legal we could easily afford to sustain all of our current social security, medical, and funding needs with enough extra to reinvest in other job growing opportunities, creating a real and sustainable means of economic recovery and rebounding growth in our country. The opportunity exists, and the results are not in some far off and hazy possible reality. They exist just around the corner, all we need to do is to put our backs to the work required, to stand up to those that will challenge the fight to real progress, and real change, and to demand that our problems be solved right now through progressive economic plans, and the removal of unfair advantages to the top 2%. This is change I am not afraid to work for, and change I am not afraid to put my name on. This is change that will protect your family and mine, and will ultimately protect our country and not stop there. This is the kind of change that will give our economy the fresh start and new life it needs to push forward into this new Century.

That we need to do something is evident, and that the demand to do it exists right here, and right now, is also evident. We need to create revenue, and we need to create a fair playing field for the working class, the middle class, as well as those generating the largest profits in our society. A progressive overhaul of the economy will do these things. It will strip away the advantages of the top few and give it to the American people as a whole. This is where we are as a society and where we are in our place in history. We are at a turning point, actively writing our role in the destiny and outcome of entire generations. We decide through our actions the memory of our generation.

This is the general introduction to my stance on the issue of economy and job growth. In future articles I will discuss specific plans, other options, and other revenue and job growing sources to couple with this plan. I will go into greater detail on plans that I have for the State of Kentucky as well as details on my support of the Marijuana Industry, the Hemp Industry, and the specifics of other bills I am watching, support, and am ready to put my name behind. In future articles I will also put forward bills I would create if elected to office, and the exact details of issues I plan to tackle and face head on, as well as how I plan to do that. This is a general introduction to my stance and to my ideas and attitudes toward the Economy and the pressing needs that exist there.

The History Books of Tomorrow

The history books of tomorrow are being written today. They are being written not with pen and paper but with the actions and the decisions of lawmakers and average citizens alike! We must pull together and write that future with boldness and greatness of spirit. We must write it with acceptance, fairness, and equality. We must write it vigorously with the hope and optimism in the ability of humanity to accept one another and to celebrate diversity. We must write our tomorrow today joining together and determining that as of this day, we will have no more of party politics. We will have no more of closed mindedness invading our government.We will tolerate no more discriminatory laws and attitudes corrupting what it means to be a Kentuckian, and what it means to be a United States Citizen!

No matter the challenge, no matter the opponent, no matter the difficulty of task, I will stand on the side of history that stands on the side of the people. We have cause to celebrate in the State of Kentucky today, a victory has been won. But we must not let our celebration slow down our readiness to dig in and fight the opposition that still exists. That we are a State divided on the issue of Equality is not a bad thing. It is proof that this is our time to call for these changes and our time to see them through. Our State is changing, the definition of being Southern is changing, and our role in history is changing along with it. A line has been drawn in the sand, and we are being called on to pick our side. We must stand together, and let our voices be heard for Marriage Equality, and Equality as a whole.

I will not stop fighting for this cause, this basic human right and dignity, to be seen as equal, no matter your race, no matter your gender, no matter your orientation. Win or lose in the election, the movement will continue. I believe in equality and justice for all. I believe the Constitution guarantees the protection of every citizen and I believe that it stands on the side of the people and can guide us to a better future. I believe it is our time to rise, our time to sign our name to the history books, and to let future generations know that we did exist, that we did fight, that we persisted in the face of whatever challenges we met, and that because we stood by our convictions that no person was better than another, and that no citizen should ever be treated as second class, we will be known as the generation that came to Washington D.C. and changed everything for the better.

We are that generation. I believe in you, will you believe in me?